Castle Kauai Kailani


Parking is complimentary.
Check in/check out is at Mokihana. Front desk hours are 7:30am to 9pm.
After hours check in procedure:
Please call resort in advance for after hours check in instructions.
Please provide flight ETA on all reservations.
* No AC or ceiling fans.

*Mandatory check-out cleaning fee per stay, per unit
One Bedrooms $120 plus tax.
For stays of 10+ nights the fee includes midstay cleaning:
One Bedrooms $180 plus tax.
This fee is per stay, per unit collected upon check-out.


07/01/18 - 12/31/20: 30 days and under, lose 1 night

*Holiday season penalties may be more restrictive. Subject to change without notice.
  (Last update: NOV 13, 2018 22:20:02)